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Scheduled Lawn Maintenance* mowing, weedeating, edging, bush trimming, branch trimming, debris pickup, grass mulching (not bagging), etc.

Simple Landscaping* laying fresh mulch, weeding flower beds or sections, planting.

Spring & Fall Clean-up* leaf blowing and leaf removal, sticks/branches pickup and removal.

Seasonal Care* salting, shoveling snow, driveway/parking lot scraping.

Parking Lot Clean-up* sweeping/blowing, trash debris pickup, dumpster and box compactor exterior clean up.

Help Mow Neighbors* a community program we started to help get emergency or scheduled lawncare to elderly, disabled households who need it. (Runs May-October for standard service. Year round for citations/emergencies)

These services are offered for commercial and residential clients. We do not use facilities dumpsters and we remove all trimmings, debris and trash per local ordinance leaving your site with a clean appearance.

Retail Stores - Medical Facility - Offices - Hospitality - Rental Properties - Personal Properties -

Gas Stations - Vacant Lots - Community Service

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2024 Season Applications
Do either apply to you?
Is your property located in the city?

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon. If approved we will set up a meeting and discuss how scheduling works.


We also have options for partial sponsorship where we can offer client to an extremely reduced monthly rate for lawncare who are not approved for full sponsorship.


We will run sponsor online fundraising events throughout the year to help as many more neighbors as we can.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Donations & Sponsoring

Your donations are not currently tax deductible. All donations and sponsorship payments go towards Help Mow Neighbors' program. You are welcome to donate whatever amount you're able to or sponsor a specific neighbor. These tiers are just examples of what your $ helps...

What Tier 1 gets? $30-$40

1 small lawn

What Tier 2 gets? $50-$60

1 medium lawn or 2 small lawns

What Tier 3 gets? $70-$80

1 large lawn or 2 med or 2 small

What Tier 4 gets? $80-$100

2 medium lawns or 3 small lawns

**these examples are not exact depictions as services needs and size of lots vary.

Help Mow Neighbors

If you need more information about what we provide for this program or help filling out an application feel free to email us or give us a call (434) 709-4543

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